Casting Call for Real Hot Heads in Florida for Reality Show

Casting Call for Real Hot Heads in Florida for Reality Show

If you live in Florida here is a chance to get on a reality show.  The shows producers and casting team are looking for hot heads. Not actors, but people who are described by others to be “crazy” and having a bad attitude.

Season One- HOT HEADS!

Are you the life of the party but also get accused of having a bad attitude and anger issues? Do you go from 0 to 100 in a split second over something small? Do you demand respect, and when you don’t get it you become very angry? Or do you feel that people just don’t understand you?

Do you really want to make a better life for yourself and your family, but your drama filled life and anger issues just keep knocking you 5 steps back?

Now is your opportunity to hit the mainstream, and we are not talking YouTube. We are taking applications for all of the unfit, unqualified, and what they call “CRAZY” people for our new reality TV show. We want to give you that opportunity for exposure, where you can grow and experience an entirely new life with multiple future endeavors on the table once this TV show is broadcasted on a major network.


Dates & Locations:

Early Spring- Dates to be determined

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