Indie Web Series Looking for Actors

Indie Web Series Looking for Actors

Heartstrings: Hopeless Romantic

Location: nationwide

Type: Web series

What “Heartstrings’ is About:
Be apart of a series where three sisters are thrust into a world full of drama, comedy, and romance. As well as a young woman, Mari Asami, trying to make it in the world full of fashion, family, and mystery. Inspired by the niche popular web series: “Mari Mari Cutie”

Marianna (Mari) Asami:
dramatic -Seems incredibly nice-Obsessive
Voice:: sweet—Soft—Slightly high voice

MARI: [excited] What’d ya think? I made it last week—

[sad] I-I don’t want to lose you. What if you never come back? What will I do?

[angry] Trust me, if you ever come near him again. You’ll wish—you were dead.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Asami:
Voice:: monotone—Medium—Kinda slow delivery

LIZZY: [threatening] God, so help me, you two. If I have to come back there and beat you with my shoe.

[happy] Really, do ya think? . . .You’re not just saying that to be nice, are you?

[distracted] Uh huh, of course. Yes, Mari, that is so tragic that you lost your heel.

Katherine (Katie) Asami: sarcastic—Smart-Middle schooler-Anxious
Voice:: sarcastic—High voice (she’s a kid)

KATIE: [breathing heavily] I-I-I don’t know. U-Ummm maybe? Yes, I don’t know

Lizzy, Mari is acting like a lobotomy patient again.

[angry] Could you both please shut up? I can’t think with you guys spouting nonsense behind me!

Lucifer (Lu and or Lucy) Killian (love interest): dork-Kind-Goofy-Anxious
Voice:: medium-low tone—Airy voice

Lucifer: [giggles] Seems you’ll take a bit of convincing, huh? That’s fine, because something tells me you’ll be worth it. [he winks]

[uncomfortable] Uhhh, thank you for the compliment, Miss. Asami. I-Is your s-sister home?

Mr. Bardick (Lizzy’s Boss): snobRacist
Voice:: deep—Rugged

MR. BARDICK: [yelling] Are you even listening? Don’t tell me you’re deaf, mute, and a goddamn short bus!

[condescending] Well, if you think you’re so smart, Miss. Soo: Why don’t you write up the proposal? Thanks, you’re a peach.

Lani (Mari’s best friend): strong-willed—Stern
Voice:: sultry voice—Medium-low tone

LANI: Wow, look at you, Moonstone. Finally scrape enough from under the cushions and get a car?

[angry] Tell me you guys saw that cinematography?? It. Was. Atrocious. The angle on that emotional scene, who signed off on that?

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
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